Travel Protection

U.S. Tours Select  is a partner with Travel Insured International.  We believe their products provide you with the best coverage, price and service.

Also please note U.S. Tours purchases travel protection for all  Group Leaders (on any trip  over $1,000) to help protect you once the trip has departed.  

Group Deluxe Protection Plan: Group Deluxe is a more comprehensive product offering higher levels of protection for trip interruption and delay, as well as accident and medical.  Group Deluxe is utilized for trips that are outside of the 50 US States. 


Click on form to enlarge and print copies for your travelers.

Following are links to the full plan documents.  When purchasing Group Deluxe Plan, for residents of AK, CA, IN, KS, MA, MT, NH, NY, OR, TX and WA, you must click on the link for your specific state.  Each traveler should receive a copy of the plan document. 

Group Deluxe Plan
Group Deluxe Plan AK, CA, IN, NH, NY
Group Deluxe Plan KS
Group Deluxe Plan MA
Group Deluxe Plan MT
Group Deluxe Plan OR
Group Deluxe Plan TX
Group Deluxe Plan WA